Grow, Attract and Harvest More Deer With Pure One Outdoor's Products!

A University Georgia study found that deer are capable of seeing ultra-violet dyes and brighteners found within fabrics. Unfortunately these are the same dyes, brighteners and clothing fibers that Camouflage and jean manufacturers use to make their clothing visually appealing to humans thus increasing their sales. 

To better understand UV glow, take a black light and shine it on your blue jeans.  That glow you see mimics what wild game see. 

These dyes and fibers in modern day camouflage emit that same UV glow that deer and other wild game see from afar alerting them of your presence (Fig. 1). This camouflage UV glow seen in Fig 1 shows what a deer sees from a distance. Most likely a deer will not know that the strange UV glowing thing in a tree is a hunter but they will know that it is not normal and will most likely avoid the area or quickly leave. This ultra-violet factor will only be of concern during low light hours. Unfortunately, this is when deer and other wild game are the most active feeding or transitioning. 

Using a UV control product like X-Out Odor will not only help control all odors but also control any camouflage UV glow giving a hunter more opportunities at quality game.

Click on the studies below to read why controlling your camouflage's UV glow is important when hunting.

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