Grow, Attract and Harvest More Deer With Pure One Outdoor's Products!

Buck Yeah® Deer Products

When we say "Pure One Outdoors is Where Science Meets The Outdoors" we mean it! That motto applies to all of our hunting products and brands. It is no more evident than with our Buck Yeah® Pro-Fusion Deer Mineral & Attractant.

Buck Yeah® Pro-Fusion has been scientifically formulated to provide Optimal Mineral and Protein absorption for your deer herd. Also after using other brands on the market and seeing them mold we designed ours to be mold resistant for longer mineral life. These combined, result in healthier deer herds, larger racks, increased deer immunity and a greater value for blue collar hunters!

This season trust "Science" Grow, Attract and Harvest bigger deer with Buck Yeah® Deer Products! 

Buck Yeah Pro-Fusion Deer Minerals

Buck Yeah® Pro-Fusion is designed for immediate and sustained consumption. Give your deer herd what they crave. Taste loaded with vitamins A,D3,E, copper and minerals. Calcium and phosphorus for antler formation and growth. Loaded with the necessary minerals and vitamins to promote metabolic process and reproductive health for a healthier deer herd. Aroma and taste from beet, molasses organic and natural ingredients hold deer in your area. 

Always Organic Flavored and Mold Resistant! 

This Season Grow, Attract and Harvest Bigger Deer with Buck Yeah Deer Products!  

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$10.99 - 5 lbs

Buck Yeah® Spray Scent Attractant 

Buck Yeah® Spray Scent Attractant is a 2 in 1 spray that can be used as a scent attractant or cover spray. Our proprietary blend is legal in 50 states and draws deer in from far away. Can be used in conjunction by spraying on Buck Yeah®  Pro-Fusion minerals or can be sprayed directly onto hanging leaves in your kill zone. Winds will carry scent for miles!


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