Grow, Attract and Harvest More Deer With Pure One Outdoor's Products!

Best scent eliminator I have used. It was a crucial part in me taking an early season doe on a windy day here in Virginia!! She came in down wind an right away i was nervous because of the wind swirling but was sure an confident we i had the right scent eliminator on she came to 12 yards an got a rage through the cage!! Thanks Pure One awesome products! ~Aaron 

Best and only product we will use. Proven tonight on a hunt, walked into my house, 3 minutes later nice doe walks exactly the same path,didn't pick me up.~Matt

Great products!~Johnathan

​I have used many other scent elimination products in my hunting career, X-Out Odor has given me the confidence to know each and every time I step in the field to hunt I have a product that I can trust and that is proven to work. My 2015 Season is "dead" proof of it! ~Chad 613 Outdoors

Works great! I grunted in a 8 pt buck at ground level in low light conditions and it never saw me or smelled me. I used the body spray and UV / Scent eliminator . If you want to be more successful in the field use X-Out 360 hunting products.​~Tim

Great products by far. Had awesome success in the field!~Layton

Great product and customer service! You won't be dissapointed.~Brad

X-Out 360 products are by far the best on the market! That Dr. Tyson fella ain't half bad either!~Brandon

Gotta give Yall credit on the scent blocker uv spray. I bought a bottle Saturday at the big game show in Hampton va. That afternoon took a boy out for youth day and we had deer down wind That never smelled us. Then Sunday we had a a really nice 8 pt that walked down the same trail we did and came down wind. He fed for 10 mins with no clue about us. The Hunter got a little case of buck fever and missed. All in all though great product Y'all have!​​ ~Johnathan from Virginia

Pure One has awesome products and their X-Out Odor Eliminator is the best out there. I use all their products. I know it works because I smoke and deer always walk right up on me.  Can't wait to use their new Odor and UV eliminator spray. Two products in one bottle!! ~Billy from North Carolina

Thanks for bringing X-Out UV eliminator to the market. I am a avid duck hunter and with using the UV eliminator I have had less birds flaring while hunting. I spray it on my boat blind as well as my camo jackets. X-Out is the real deal! ​~Tom from Louisiana

Great product, I like that it's not a cover scent. Last year was my best year and I only used their X-Out Odor! I can't wait to use more of their products this season! ​~Dan from Michigan.