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Bux Stop - Synthetic Mock Scrape (No Freeze)

$14.99 $13.99

BUX-STOP is our new Synthetic Mock Scrape deer attractant from our Flat Line brand of products. BUX-STOP is formulated to smell like an invading buck, This drives older resident bucks crazy. It can be used on natural or mock scrapes to help pattern deer. Great way to alter deer movement patterns and bring them in closer to a strategic hunting location or trail camera site. This is the logical deer attractant to use in areas where the use of natural deer urine is prohibited.  BUX-STOP also contains our SUB-ZERO Formula to prevent freezing in extreme weather conditions. *Does not contain deer urine.

  • Will not freeze with our Sub-Zero Additive
  • Induces territorial challenges
  • Helps alter deer patterns
  • Use where natural deer urine is prohibited
  • Does not create ammonia-like odor with age