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Buxation Non-Synthetic 'Natural' Deer Bedding Attractant

$14.99 $13.99

**This is our Non-Synthetic Version (Contains deer glandular and urine by-products). 

Buxation Non-Synthetic All Season Deer Bedding Attractant that contains deer bedding by-products. Buxation is a great 3 in 1 spray that not only calms deer but also attracts and covers human odors. Buxation is formulated to smell like a deer's bed and help relax them. Hunters simply apply it to their boots before walking to their stands or blinds. Once there hunters can also spray it on trees, blinds, scent wicks or scrapes to bring deer into their area. Buxation is also great to make mock scrapes in front of cameras to see what bucks are in the area.

This season Relax, Attract and Cover with Buxation All-Season Deer Bedding Attractant! 

**Please check your state regulations on non-synthetic deer attractants**