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BUXS - Synthetic Buck Urine (No Freeze)

$14.99 $13.99

BUXS is our new Synthetic Buck Urine deer attractant from our Flat Line brand of products. BUXS induces territorial challenges from local bucks by making them think a strange buck has entered their breeding grounds. This is the logical deer attractant to use in areas where the use of natural deer urine is prohibited. Synthetic buck urine also has the advantage that bacterial breakdown does not create ammonia-like odor with age. BUXS Synthetic Buck Urine works well with rattling or grunting tactics, with mock scrapes, or squirt some on a scent wick, hang it by your stand and get ready for action. Also to help in extreme weather conditions we have added our new SUB-ZERO Additives to prevent freezing. *Does not contain deer urine.
  • Will not freeze with our Sub-Zero Additive
  • Induces territorial challenges
  • Enhances a variety of hunting techniques
  • Use where natural deer urine is prohibited
  • Does not create ammonia-like odor with age