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Doe Patrol is our New Synthetic Doe Estrous Urine from our Flat Line brand of products. DOE PATROL Synthetic Doe Estrous Urine mimics the scent of a doe in estrous, drawing dominant whitetail bucks from all around in search of does ready to breed. This is the logical deer attractant to use in areas where the use of natural deer urine is prohibited. Synthetic doe urine also has the advantage that bacterial breakdown does not create ammonia-like odor with age. Our Synthetic doe estrous formulation delivers a potent, realistic scent without the chemical smell of other products on the market. Doe Patrol also contains our SUB-ZERO Formula to prevent freezing in extreme weather conditions. *Does not contain deer urine.
  • Will not freeze with our Sub-Zero Additive
  • Made specifically to simulate the smell of female deer urine
  • Effectiveness increases when exposed to the elements, increasing potency with moisture and rain
  • Effective through all stages of the rut, with scent wicks, mock scrapes, or scent trails
  • Does not create ammonia-like odor with age
4 ounces