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Buck Yeah® Pro-Fusion Deer Attractant & Mineral - 5 lbs

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Buck Yeah® Pro-Fusion is designed for immediate and sustained consumption. Give your deer herd what they crave. Taste loaded with vitamins A,D,E, copper and minerals. High Protein, Calcium and phosphorus for antler formation and growth. Loaded with the necessary minerals and vitamins to promote metabolic process and reproductive health for a healthier deer herd. Aroma and taste from beet, molasses organic and natural ingredients hold deer in your area. **This product can be all season for keeping your deer herd healthy! (**Always Follow your state laws on the use of deer minerals and baiting)

Buck Yeah® Pro-Fusion is always organic flavored and mold resistant. Deer love the chemical free taste and last longer to give hunters a great value!

This season Grow, Attract and Harvest bigger deer with Buck Yeah Deer Products! 

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