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SOLAR DEFENCE (Wash In UV Protection)

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  • Wash In Sun/ UV Protection Up to 30 UPF
  • Helps prevent sun skin damage
  • Last 20 washing's and will not change the color or comfort of your clothing.
  • Safe for the whole family - Great for Kids, Sports and Outdoors Activities
  • Doctor Developed/ Made in the USA

Sun Defence was developed by a Doctor wanting easy Sun/ UV protection that you can wash into your normal everyday clothing. With Solar Defence one simply dilutes it in a cup of hot water then adds it to the wash cycle, rinse and dry as usual. It will not change the color or comfort of your clothing. One treatment is good for more than 20 additional washings. Sun Defence adds up to 30 UPF to your clothing. The UPF factor describes the capability of fabrics to prevent UV rays from reaching the skin and is the relative equivalent of a SPF rating for sunscreen. Solar Defence is great for protecting children and adults from prolonged sun exposure. Prolonged sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancers. Also great for any sporting or outdoor garments including water activities. Solar Defence is most effective with cottons, wool, linens, cotton blends. Less effective with 100% polyester and acrylic fibers. Each packet provides enough sun protection for one laundry cycle.