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X-Out Odor 3 in 1 Carbon Defence

$11.99 $9.99

  • Re-charge Older Carbon Camouflage Clothes
  • Turn Any Budget Camouflage Into Scent & UV Control Garment
  • Patent Pending 3 in 1 Formula
  • Adds Scent & Ultra-Violet Control
  • Adds Ultra-Violet control
  • Adds SPF up to 30+ sun protection 
  • Helps controls UV glow
  • Prevents premature fading of camouflage

X-Out Odor's 3 in 1 Carbon Defence was designed to give hunters the ability to extend the life of their older carbon based camouflage by re-charging it. The Carbon Defence formula helps your camouflage absorb premium carbons into its fibers to control odors and adds UV inhibitors to control UV glow. Carbon Defence can also be used to turn most budget camouflages into scent and UV blocker garments for less money. Carbon Defence is designed for blue collar hunters on a budget! May darken some camouflage with increase in Carbons and UV protection. This is hunting scent and UV control for deer, elk, bear, turkeys, waterfowl and predator hunters.